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Conn-Selmer and Yanagisawa are pleased to announce the release of the Yanagisawa WO Series tenor saxophones

Posted on April 1, 2015

Conn-Selmer and Yanagisawa are pleased to announce the release of the Yanagisawa WO Series tenor saxophones. “The WO Tenor Saxophones continue to build upon the great success Yanagisawa has had with the WO Altos,” states Robert Lichty, Category Manager for Saxophones at Conn-Selmer. “The WO Series continues to put Yanagisawa at the forefront of ergonomics and saxophone design.”

The WO Series features two distinct lines – the Professional models (which replace the 90x models) and the Elite models (which replace the 99x Series). Both the Professional and Elite models feature improvements in ergonomics, material enhancements and a beautiful new case.

Orders are being taken for the new models immediately, with delivery expected to begin in May.

Retail prices for the new models range from $5,785 for the TW01 to $20,720 for the AW020PG.

The new model numbers with their previous model counterpart are listed below.

Yanagisawa Model Conversion
Current Model New Model
T901 TW01
T902 TWO2
T991 TWO10
T991B TWO10B
T991S TWO10S
T992 TWO20
T9930 TWO30
T9935 TW035
T9937 TW037
T992PG TW020PG
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