Serial Numbers

Music Note
View the manufacturing date ranges on serial numbers for many of our legendary brands.


Founded in 1931, by William Teasdale Armstrong, the Armstrong brand has built a legacy of trust and dependability with educators around the world.


Founded in 1939, by Donald Artley in Elkhart, Indiana, Artley became well known for high quality affordable woodwinds.


With a $300 investment for a foot-operated lathe, Vincent Bach began making mouthpieces in 1918, trumpets in 1924, and trombones in 1925.


In 1939, principal trumpet for the Detroit and Chicago Symphonies, Elden Benge began making custom symphony trumpets.


Founded in 1875, by Colonel Charles Gerard Conn, the Conn company has been associated with brass and woodwind instruments.


Founded in 1893, by Henderson White, King is today known for brass instruments. However, the legacy of craftsmanship has included woodwinds.

Selmer Paris

In 1885, following graduation from the Paris Conservatory, Henri Selmer and brother Alexandre began building reeds and woodwind instruments in Paris, France.

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