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The Conn-Selmer Wish List is a quick and easy way to create a listing of instruments that your program needs. The Wish List can easily be submitted to Conn-Selmer or your favorite music dealer who can provide you a special no-obligation lease/purchase proposal.

To access, click on "My Conn-Selmer Wish List" and select "New" to register. You can then begin to build your own wish list. Simply select and product and category from the drop-down screen, enter the number of each model you need and click "Add To Wish List." Description space is limited so you might need to refer to product catalogs or www.conn-selmer.com to review your product needs. You can save this list and come back to it later, start another wish list, submit your Wish List to Conn-Selmer, or print it out for your favorite dealer.

After submission of your Wish List to Conn-Selmer, you will be notified of your free 90-day trial of CHARMS Music Office Assistant, the only completely web-based music office assistant. Conn-Selmer will reply with a no-obligation lease/purchase proposal. Upon your school's acceptance of the proposal, your free CHARMS trial turns into a free three-year subscription. CHARMS will even pre-load your new Conn-Selmer instruments into the database for you!

The CHARMS/Conn-Selmer offer is available exclusively with the Conn-Selmer Lease/Purchase Program.

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