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Musser Introduces a New 3 Octave Practice Marimba

Musser is proud to introduce a new 3 octave practice marimba designed for at home student use.  The new 3PM marimba includes graduated paduk bars, a sturdy wood frame, an X-style portable stand, cover, one pair of mallets and a soon to be released online package of scales and beginner etudes.  This marimba is designed to fit into dealer rental fleets with a MSRP of $1,995. 

3pm_medium.jpgThe Musser 3PM practice marimba is built in the USA in LaGrange, IL and includes several unique features not seen on other instruments in this size and price range.  The wood frame is built with extended side rails that allow the instrument to be stored on end without resting on the bars.  The bars include a resonating cord that is threaded in an alternating over under pattern through the connecting hooks.  This keeps the bars from disconnecting from the instrument when it is stored on its side and it allows the instrument to be shipped set-up and ready to play when it is removed from the box.  Finally, the frame for the instrument is built open ended without resonators to allow the bars to sound with the correct level of sustain for student practice. 

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