1150SP Marching Tuba

King 1150SP

The four-valve King 1150SP marching has an unmatched low register and improved intonation flexibility. This marching tuba not only plays with a powerful, clean, and articulate sound that projects well in all venues, but also has heavy-duty bracing to withstand the rigors of the performance field and parade route.

This wonderfully rich sounding four-valve tuba has a .734" bore, 20" bell and custom wrap for perfect weight distribution. The 1150SP marching tuba has been designed specifically, ergonomically, and musically for the fast pace and playing of today's marching ensembles. Heavy-duty wheeled case. Silver-plated.

  • Key of BB♭BBb
  • .734" bore
  • 20" bell
  • 4 valves
  • Graduated Tuning Guide technology
  • patented "sight window"
  • modular design
  • nickel plated pistons
  • silver-plate finish KTU mouthpiece
  • 7750CSB plastic shell case with wheels

** Also available in lacquer as the 1150

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