Bliss Student Model L320NC Bb Clarinet

About the Model L320NC


In collaboration with clarinetist Julian Bliss, the Leblanc Bliss clarinets were designed to be high quality, affordable instruments. These clarinets are free blowing, but still allow the players to create a beautiful tone due to the unique bore design, undercut tone holes, voicing groove in the bell, and specially designed ringless BLISS barrel and bell. The composite models are made of a new matieral, not typical ABS plastic. This new material is highly durable, and the tone quality resembles that of wood. Adjustment screws on the crow's foot and pinky keys make it make it easy to keep keys in adjustment.

The Leblanc Bliss clarinet not only has a beautiful, seamless look, but it also will help players achieve a smooth scale, even intonation, and beautiful tone.


  • New composite material not used by anyone else in the market - so strong we offer it with a 10 year warranty! 
  • Voicing groove in bell for improved upper register intonation and tone quality 
  • Medium - small bore is free blowing but also helps control the sound 
  • Adjustment screws in the keys that get the most out of adjusment - the pinky spats 
  • Reinforcement bar on lower joint 
  • Ringless BLISS barrel and bell - more resonant sounding and sleek looking 
  • Undercut tone holes - smoother scale 
  • Durable plastic case

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