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1.  Conn-Selmer Institute is a culture of people who CARE, who SHARE, and who are committed to EXCELLENCE.  Everyone is surrounded by THE BEST OF THE BEST.   

2.  The Conn-Selmer executive staff (including our President/CEO, John Stoner) is on site to answer questions, hear personal stories, listen to suggestions, BE WITH THE PEOPLE...WHO WANT TO BE WITH YOU.

3.  INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURING EXPERTS:  Everyone has the chance to visit the last major AMERICAN-MADE INSTRUMENT FACTORIES.  Participants can sit and talk to THE EXPERTS from the Conn-Selmer staff; not a phone call, nor an email, nor a letter, but a personal face-to-face conversation with THE EXPERT.  

4.  Our partnering-exhibitors are key members of our Conn-Selmer family;  they are available on A  VERY PERSONAL BASIS...from having a meal with them (gratis), to spending large chunks of time discussing personal wants/needs, and, most importantly, creating lifelong relationships based on the one-on-one exchange.   

5.  The food at Conn-Selmer Institute is great (a huge understatement); it is plentiful and delectable!  From Sunday evening to Wednesday morning, there are EIGHT/8 full-scale buffet meals served...but the BEST PART IS, you can enjoy a relaxed meal with many of your music education heroes and enjoy a chance to be learning more about them, and allow them to learn more about YOU. 

6.  The Hal Leonard "reading band" is incredible.  Bring your instrument and have a wonderful evening MAKING MUSIC.  

7.  The networking possibilities are beyond measure; PRICELESS.  (Many people have SIGNED CONTRACTS for a new job because of a relationship made during CSI. And with the music supervisor track being presented as part of the total docket, 40+ music administrators are ON SITE; they are *always* looking for people to fill the given positions in their schools.) 

8.  How much would someone pay for a ticket to hear THE CANADIAN BRASS in concert?  (They are with us not only as performers, but as colleagues.)

9.  The docket of clinics are presented by the icons/luminar
ies in our profession; the faculty is second-to-none.  Because they are MASTER TEACHERS, they make themselves available AT ALL TIMES throughout the event, along with the popular one-on-one sessions. 

10.  The tuition fee. 

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