Conn-Selmer introduces new Selmer 400 Series student saxophones

Conn-Selmer is pleased to introduce the new Selmer 400 Series student saxophones. Available in an alto and tenor saxophone, the 400 Series redefines the student saxophone.

Rich in features typically found on professional models, the 400 Series is the first line of student saxophones to not only help the student get started playing music, but to prepare the student to advance to a step-up or professional model when he or she is ready. The full rib design of the 400 Series makes for a deep rich tone and provides a bit of resistance to help the student develop proper embouchure and breath-support. The double-bracing on the lower keys helps protect the keys from getting bent and helps ensure a proper seal from the pad every time. The 400 Series saxophones feature a rose brass neck for great sound. The angled key-stack for the left hand pinky allows an easier reach for the student. The AS400 will be released with an MSRP of $2,150 while the TS400 will have a retail price of $2,950. Both models are available exclusively from local Conn-Selmer retailers and are not available on the Web.

“The 400 Series were launched from suggestions from both our retailers and our educators,” says Bob Lichty, Category Manager for Saxophones at Conn-Selmer. “Our retailers were noticing students having a hard time adjusting to step-up and pro models when the time came, and our educators were looking for that next step in a student model. The 400 Series addresses the needs from both groups perfectly.”

The new 400 Series saxophones will be released to the market September 23, 2014.

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