Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act

To Our Valued Dealers, Educators, Artists, and Players:

As most of you are probably aware, on Thursday, March 26, 2015, Governor Mike Pence signed into law the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  While there is a similar law at the federal level as well as similar laws in 19 other states, the RFRA has created a great deal of controversy in the media.  While we expect that the actual impact of the RFRA may ultimately be quite limited, we wanted to assure you that our beliefs have not changed. 

On behalf of Conn-Selmer, I would like to reinforce our commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination at all levels.  We maintain our belief that all dealers, educators, artists, players, and all of our employees should feel valued, respected, and welcomed as an integral part of the diverse music industry.


John Stoner

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