John Stoner to receive 2014 Music Industry Award at the 68th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic

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Conn-Selmer President and CEO John Stoner is receiving the 2014 Music Industry Award at the 68th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic on Wednesday, December 17, in Chicago, Illinois.

The Music Industry Award will be presented to John Stoner by the Board of Directors during the Midwest Clinic’s reception thanking the music industry for their ongoing support (Tuesday evening, December 16) and again during the opening concert on Wednesday, December 17. 

John Stoner

The Music Industry Award is one of three awards presented at the Midwest Clinic. This event brings together more than 17,000 music educators, music industry representatives and music students from around the world for the four-day conference. The Music Industry Award, introduced in 1991, honors individuals for their support of music education through their work in the music industry. (Other awards are the Medal of Honor and International Award.)

John Stoner has been President and CEO of Conn-Selmer since joining the company in 2002. Under Stoner’s leadership, Conn-Selmer has built a Division of Education including an array of programs: Conn-Selmer Institute (CSI), a VIP program recognizing outstanding music educators, and the Music Administration Collaborative. Conn-Selmer's Division of Education is committed to partnering with the music education community to advance the positive growth and development of first-class school music programs. From sharing the latest arts advocacy research data to working hand-in-hand with teacher development seminars, Conn-Selmer’s programs support music educators around the world. 

What Music Educators Are Saying:
“The Music Industry Award is something we band directors don’t usually think about. But when we started selecting worthy candidates, I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than John Stoner. He returned the company to being the pride of America. He has done so much for music education and for the ‘Made-in-America’ theme that is so important to all of us.” - Dr. Paula Crider, Professor of Music – Emeritus, University of Texas/Austin
“It has been rewarding to see the growth and development of Conn-Selmer since John Stoner was appointed President/CEO 12 years ago. Through John’s actions and his embracing of Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser’s vision, he has made wonderful connections with music teachers everywhere, and he has become a trusted friend in the world of music education. His work at Conn-Selmer has helped the company regain its worthy status and remain at the forefront of leadership in the design and construction of musical instruments for musicians of all ages - beginners through professionals.
John and Conn-Selmer have always been generous with their support of education-related events including the Midwest Clinic. The Ludwig - Musser name has become synonymous when percussionists take to the stage at the Midwest Clinic, as Conn-Selmer provides new artist quality instruments for performers to use during the week. It is wonderful to see the Midwest clinic recognize John’s work and his contribution to the clinic and to music education.” - Dr. Charles Menghini, President of the VanderCook College of Music
"When I think of John Stoner, what comes to mind aren’t musical instruments. It's music education. His commitment to students and teachers is second to none in the industry." - Frank Troyka, Educational Consultant, Conn-Selmer, Inc.; Director of Education, System Blue Live Events; Generation Next Coordinator, The Midwest Clinic

As Stoner reflected,  “Conn-Selmer has always been involved with music education outreach and when I joined the company in 2002, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and I knew there was a huge opportunity in figuring out how the music industry (manufacturers and dealers) could better support music education.”

Stoner continued, “Our first priority was to significantly improve the quality of our instruments and service to our customers while remaining a full line band instrument manufacturer in the U.S. It wasn’t until 2011 when we truly decided to focus on our educational outreach in the U.S. with Dr. Tim assuming the role of Vice President of Conn-Selmer’s Division of Education. The goal was to develop programs and services to better support music education.”

“Since 2011 we have expanded the Conn-Selmer Institute, initiated the Music Administration Collaborative, created the VIP music educator program, while adding world-class clinicians to our stable of outstanding presenters and in-service faculty,” adds Stoner.  “And we have  ‎only scratched the surface. We truly enjoy working with the most committed music educators in the profession.”

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Vice President of Education and a member of the Midwest Clinic Board of Directors, will introduce John Stoner at the opening concert on Wednesday morning, December 17.  He shared these heartfelt thoughts about Mr. Stoner: “John Stoner’s leadership has been instrumental in the establishment of music education as the centerpiece of the company's mission statement.  Those who have met Mr. Stoner are keenly aware he is a man who ‘walks his talk,’ and as a result of his dedication to the collective goal of ‘music for every child,’ he promises Conn-Selmer will provide the music education community with the most revered master teachers from around the globe.”

“Conn-Selmer is dedicated to getting more people involved in music and helping them stay involved,” says Stoner. “The synergistic opportunities of creating a working-growing-powerful partnership with music-in-our-schools is the ultimate win-win. We are committed to proving the immeasurable value that will come from music industry and music education working hand-in hand to significantly impact school music programs.”

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