Musser Proudly Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary

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In 1948, Clair Omar Musser started the Musser Mallet Company in the mid-west.  Musser was an innovative marimba performer, conductor, composer and designer.  As a trained aircraft engineer, he utilized his natural gifted talents to create the modern day Vibraphone design.  He grew his instrument offering to include marimbas, xylophones, chimes and orchestra bells.  It became a dominant mallet instrument company in the world, renowned for its Musser sound and is now celebrating its 65th Anniversary. 

Musser's design work became the standard for marimbas sought out by many artists.  He was also creative for players too.  He introduced the Musser Grip, an original technique for playing the marimba with two mallets in each hand that was different from the prevailing cross grip. The Musser Grip allowed for more individuality between the four mallets.

Artists like Lionel Hampton and Gary Burton elevated the Musser brand to new heights. From the very beginning, Lionel Hampton was the first Musser artist, truly revolutionizing the vibraphone and became known as the father of the instrument.  Since 1965, Gary Burton has been a loyal supporter and Musser musician. He has innovated the vibraphone and continues to do so.  Winner of a Grammy in 2013, Gary had this to share, “I started playing Musser marimbas and vibraphones when I was six-years-old, so I have been playing these instruments for 64 years. But officially speaking, I have been a Musser endorser for 50 years and I am still whole-heartedly a fan of Musser vibraphones.  They are the best and the most reliable.” 

Looking forward, Conn-Selmer is proud to have secured the legacy brand Musser and its eminent sound as a part of the company.  It is soon to be located at headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana with many more decades of success. The arrival of Musser at the Elkhart Campus will add to the strong brands in the distribution centers, the Vincent Bach brass and Woodwind facilities. 

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