New Rousseau RC Mouthpieces Raise Low Register Expectations

ER402RC4.jpgDr. Eugene Rousseau, famed performing artist and master teacher of saxophone, has recently introduced an important new addition to his popular saxophone mouthpiece line.  The new E.Rousseau RC alto saxophone mouthpieces deliver a centered, darker tone, a wide dynamic range and terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register. 

The RC mouthpiece design features slightly reshaped sidewalls and baffle, and is now available for alto saxophone in three facings – RC3 (med. close), RC4 (medium) and RC5 (med. open).  The E.Rousseau saxophone mouthpiece line is distributed by music dealers worldwide through Conn-Selmer.

Dr. Rousseau’s mouthpieces include special designs for both classical and jazz performance.  The Classic R Series is designed to meet the needs of the serious classical performer. These mouthpieces provide a warm centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection. The New Classic line delivers for players that prefer a more controlled response.  Recently added is the Classic RC Series for Alto that features a centered, darker tone and provides for a wide dynamic range with terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register.

The E.Rousseau Jazz models are designed for power and versatility needed to cover the entire spectrum of jazz, pop and rock performance. The Studio Jazz Series provides excellent edge and power, but remains consistent with a traditional solid tonal center, while the JDX Series features a unique wedged baffle that balances a stable sound with greater power, offering the edge and projection needed to "cut through".  The Jazz Metal mouthpieces allow the player to achieve a powerful tone with an excellent balance of edge and warmth.

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