Dr. Lance Nielsen

Dr. Lance Nielsen

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Supervisor of Music
Lincoln Public Schools


Dr. Lance D. Nielsen is the Supervisor of Music for Lincoln Public Schools where he supervises all music programs K-12. Prior to becoming an administrator, Dr. Nielsen taught for 23 years in both public schools and higher education. His teaching appointments included Associate Professor of Music at Doane University, instrumental music teacher at Lincoln East High School, Norris Public Schools, and Kimball Public Schools in Nebraska. He continues to serve as an adjunct professor for Doane University teaching online music courses.

He is currently North Central Division Immediate Past-President and Chair of NAfME Professional Development Committee and has served as President of the Nebraska Music Educators Association, NAfME National Tri-M Chair, and NMEA Chair of Band Affairs. He serves on various boards including the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hixson-Lied Performing Arts College Alumni Board. He is a frequent presenter at music conferences including the 3rd International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education in Bremen, Germany, ISME Conferences in Greece and Brazil, and various state-level conferences. He has published articles in Music Educators Journal, Teaching Music, Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, and the ISTE Leading with Innovations journal.

Dr. Nielsen received his Bachelor of Science in Education, Masters of Music with an emphasis in Music Education, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Music with an emphasis in Music Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His session and workshop topics include curriculum design, standards-based lesson planning, assessments, instructional technology, and student-focused sessions for college music education majors and Tri-M chapters.

  Session Titles

Collegiate Session: SURVIVING student teaching!


Student Teaching is the capstone of a MUED degree and is the most important semester for a music education major. Tips on how to prepare, survive, and reflect on the student teaching experience will be presented to college music education students. (I set this up in the style of the reality show SURVIVOR)

Fostering a Relationship of Giving: Alternatives to fundraising


Music budgets are sometimes tight and the financial needs of a music department are great. School foundations, booster organizations, or local grant agencies are viable alternatives for music teachers to find additional funding for special projects. This session will discuss strategies in developing positive relationships, developing a project plan, and unique ways to "tell your story" to music stakeholders.

Music Curriculum Development


Music curriculum development is a crucial process in establishing a guaranteed and viable music curriculum. This workshop will guide music teachers and administrators through the process of developing a curriculum framework that includes a vision statement, pacing guides, essential learning outcomes, and various common assessments. The development of a music curriculum guide that reflects state and/or national standards of music will be emphasized.

Teaching with Music Standards to Foster Music Literacy


The National Core Arts Standards in music were designed to . . .”develop artistic [music] literacy.” The meaning of literacy includes not only performing, but also creating and responding to music. This session will explore a variety of teaching lessons incorporating the 2014 music standards in all types of K-12 music classes. Session participants will be engaged in developing and sharing creative standards-based lessons.

Tri-M, You Might Like It!


Tri-M students have a great opportunity to be engaged in music making, leadership, and advocacy in order to promote music in their schools. The session will include a hands-on sharing time to promote the values of a Tri-M chapter in uniting a music program and music education in local communities. (This session can be offered either for middle / high school students or music teachers).