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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot wait to see you in June - and we want to make sure you have all the information you need. Our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are listed below with answers, but if you don't see your answer here, please reach out to streaming@connselmer.com.

I have a CODE to use for my registration, how does that work?

  1. Once the code has been entered and applied, then the tickets that the code applies to will be moved to the top of the screen. Select your option and then proceed to check out.
  2. There is no way to apply any code after you proceed to check out, this must be done before leaving the first page of the registration, as seen in the screenshots below.
Promo code Link Location
Registration Code Location

Help - I can’t complete my check out on the registration page!

Troubleshooting Information:

  1. If the “Place Order” button is not available/clickable, it's because
    1. A required field is not complete or
    2. That the credit card info OR if using PayPal is not completely filled out
  2. I didn't get a confirmation email from Eventbrite
    1. If another person filled out the registration form, please check with them if they received the confirmation email that they can share with you

Can I pay using a PO?

Absolutely. Please email our partners at USBands and they will get you all set up.

What comes with the registration fee?

Registration for CSI 2022 and/or Marching Arts Intensive for in-person attendees includes access to live clinics and all meals are included. Through the use of our event platform, ALL attendees have access to session live streams, access to all available session replays for 90 days, communication with all registrants and clinicians, concerts, and a tour of the Conn-Selmer Elkhart facility.

I am attending CSI Virtual. Will I just get access to recorded sessions or will I be able to interact and ask questions live (virtually) with guest facilitators?

Virtual sessions will be live-streamed so you are able to join the live session in progress, interact with session attendees and faculty via the live chat. Replays will also be available if there are sessions that are offered during times you are unavailable.

We are using the platform Socio to build an app specifically for the event that will allow you to connect with other attendees, faculty and sponsors via chat and video rooms. Our goal is to make this as connected as possible to the live experience for those unable to attend in-person.

What meals are included?

For in-person attendees to CSI 2022: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided on Sunday-Tuesday, and breakfast is provided on Wednesday as well. For all Marching Arts Intensive attendees lunch and dinner will be provided on Wednesday, all meals on Thursday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Friday.

Can I bring my own food?

Through our arrangement with Bethel University’s dining program, there should be no need for you to bring meals with you, but you are more than welcome to bring additional snacks.

Will I be picked up from the airport?

Learn about transportation option at our Travel and Housing Information Page.

Will I be taken back to the airport after the event?

Learn about transportation option at our Travel and Housing Information Page.

Parking on Campus?

Is it free! Please refer to this campus map.

What is the Conn Selmer Event App?

Conn Selmer Institute has partnered with Socio to build an event platform for attendees of CSI 2022 and Marching Arts Institute. This will be your one-stop for ALL event information during the event - schedules, session descriptions, speaker information, handouts, and a great way to connect with your fellow attendees - both in person and online!

Do I need the Conn-Selmer Event App if I’m attending in person?

Yes! This is where all event information can be found.

I registered for the virtual event but would like to change my registration to attend in-person. Is this possible?

We would love to accommodate this for you. Please contact our partners at US Bands prior to June 1st and they can assist with this change.

What if the event is canceled? Will I get my money back? Can I move to virtual?

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that the in-person option for CSI 2022 and Marching Arts Intensive are canceled, the event will still continue as planned online. You may transfer your registration to online and will receive a reimbursement for the difference in ticket price. If this event change does occur, you will be contacted via email with more information and instructions.

What are the Health and Safety guidelines?

Please refer to our Health and Safety Measures page for the latest information on Health and Safety guidelines for the event.

What if I have technical difficulties with the registration page?

Please contact our partners at US Bands to assist with your registration.

What if I have technical difficulties with the Conn-Selmer Event App?

Please reach out to our team at streaming@connselmer.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Do I have to be using Conn-Selmer Equipment/Instruments in order to attend this event?

Absolutely not! We at Conn-Selmer believe in supporting all members of the music education community.

Where do I go if I need something during the event?

There will be a help desk situated in the entrance rotunda of the auditorium. (#21 on the campus map)

If you did not find the answer to your question, please reach out to streaming@connselmer.com.

Time to Reunite in 2022!