Musser M2040

Lightweight Bell Lyra

In the 2 octave range, the Musser Bell Lyra features satin silver finish aluminum bars. Bell Lyra are available in three frame weights: light, medium and extra-duty. Complete with mallets, plumes, strap and cover, Bell Lyra are also available with an add-on stand and optional case.


Octave Range 2 Octaves
Note Range A5 - A7
Standard Tuning A=442
Bar Material Aluminum
Bar Finish Satin Silver
Bar Dimensions 1" x 1/4" Thick
Frame Lightweight
Frame Finish Silver Vein Powder Coat
OEM Accessories Included Plumes, Carrying Strap & Cover
Optional Add-On Stand M2051
Vinyl Cover Add-On Option M2042
Add-On Case M8000
Weight 12 lbs.
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