Marching Tenors

Deeper all-maple shells, new hardware, and a new diagonal cut drive the tenors for the "Ultimate" in projection, tone, and durability.


LUMT8023PX Quad 8"/10"/12"/13"
LUMT0234PX Quad 10"/12"/13"/14"
LUMT68023PX Quint 6"/8"/10"/12"/13"
LUMT60234PX Quint 6"/10"/12"/13"/14"
LUMT660234PX Sextet 6"/6"/10"/12"/13"/14"
LUMT680234PX Sextet 6"/8"/10"/12"/13"/14"

Individual Drum Sizes

6x6" Flat Cut
7x8" Flat Cut
9x8" Angle Cut
10x10" Angle Cut
11.5x12" Angle Cut
12.5x13" Angle Cut
13x14" Angle Cut
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