Professional Series Timpani

For more than 35 years the Ludwig Professional Series timpani have set the standard for performance. A double-ring suspension system isolates the kettle completely from the tuning mechanism and provides great depth of tone. A profile collar that extends the head beyond the kettle edge for greater resonance and pitch definition. Ludwig Professional Models are available in your choice of hammered seamless copper or polished seamless copper. The reliable and fully adjustable pedal activated tuning gauge comes standard with all Ludwig timpani.

  • Ludwig Ensemble Smooth White Timpani Heads
  • One pair of mallets is standard each
  • 26" Timpani or set of 2, 4, or 5
  • Fiber head protectors
  • Shallow drop covers
  • A key is included with each drum

Key Improvements

The Ludwig Professional Series Timpani has been updated with incredible new functionality.

New tuning gauge placement will allow these drums to be configured with American or German set-up.  All tuning gauge linkage has been removed from the pedal and seamlessly transfered under the base.

A permanent third omni wheel has been added under the pedal. This wheel allows 360° fluid movement, allowing the player to have total control of drum placement.

Improvements have been made to the rear casters including upgraded braking, larger size wheels with a quick-release function. This allows smooth movement and the ability to quickly remove rear casters with ease. 

Timpani Models & Sizes

Polished Copper
LTP520PG 20"
LTP523PG 23"
LTP526PG 26"
LTP529PG 29"
LTP532PG 32"
LTP502PG Set of 2 (26" & 29")
LTP504PG Set of 4 (23" - 32")
LTP505PG Set of 5 (20" - 32")
Hammered Copper
LTP520KG 20"
LTP523KG 23"
LTP526KG 26"
LTP529KG 29"
LTP532KG 32"
LTP502KG Set of 2 (26" & 29")
LTP504KG Set of 4 (23" - 32")
LTP505KG Set of 5 (20" - 32")

Previous Professional Symphonic Models Still Available

Professional Series Fiberglass Timpani
LKP520A 20" Aluminum Bowl
LKP520AG 20" Aluminum Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP523F 23" Fiberglass Bowl
LKP523FG 23" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP526F 26" Fiberglass Bowl
LKP526FG 26" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP529F 29" Fiberglass Bowl
LKP529FG 29" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP532F 32" Fiberglass Bowl
LKP532FG 32" Fiberglass Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
Professional Series Hammered Timpani
Model Name
LKP520K 20" Hammered Copper Bowl
LKP520KG 20" Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP523K 23" Hammered Copper Bowl
LKP526K 26" Hammered Copper Bowl
LKP526KG 26" Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP529K 29" Hammered Copper Bowl
LKP529KG 29" Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
LKP532K 32" Hammered Copper Bowl
LKP532KG 32" Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge
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