Encouraging Your Student’s Success

Music Note

Now, your student is ready to excel. Your encouragement and support is crucial to their success. This support can come from asking your child to perform for you, asking them about what they've learned, and in having regular dialogue with their instructor. It is also important to ensure your child is given enough time during the evening and weekends to balance practice with other classroom work.

The following are some tips that can guide you in better parent participation and in encouraging your student’s success:

  • Be sincerely interested. Constructive criticism does not harm a child, but indifference does.EncouragingStudentSuccess_SUPPORT.jpg
  • Help make sure your student is supplied with a quality instrument and the accessories needed to be a success.
  • Ensure that the instrument is in accurate playing condition.
  • Support your student’s activity outside the class with instruction by a private teacher.
  • Consult with your student’s teach on guidance during each phase of their development.
  • Allow for suitable practice time for your student.
  • Take an interest in your student’s lesson preparations and acknowledge his/her progress. Many parents even find it rewarding to learn to play an instrument along with their child.
  • Be active in your school’s band parent organization.